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ALN at Llanidloes High School



FAO Parents / Carers of Learners who have additional learning needs. There is an opportunity to meet the new manager for Additional Learning Needs and Inclusion in the development of services for ALN learners in the school library on the 11th September 2014 at 6pm.


Pupils with additional learning needs, either physical or intellectual, are given appropriate support throughout their school career.  Support is given in all subjects when possible, but particularly in English and Maths in the lower school, where pupils are taught in small groups or additional teaching staff are made available.  We aim to enable all pupils with special needs to achieve their full potential.  To help with this we seek extra provision from the LA when we feel it is necessary.  The school has a team of 19 learning support assistants and four learning coaches.

All staff are made aware of the additional needs of the pupils they teach and that differentiation of work, by grouping, materials or outcome helps them reach their full potential.

A key aspect of support is working in partnership with parents and a wide range of other agencies, such as the Educational Psyschology Service.  We value close relationships with parents and ask that they contact the school as quickly as possible if they have concerns.  Prior to entry we work closely with our primary schools to ensure that any additional learning needs of a learner are fully known and understood by all.

In addition to the support within lessons there is a wide range of additional specialised support available.

Other Learning Support activities

A wide range of additional support is available which includes; Specialist reading tuition, paired reading with sixth form students, Catchup literacy and numeracy lessons, RM Successmaker computer aided learning, handwriting improvement and Social Skills programmes.

Additional Learning Needs Summary Policy

The school will ensure that:

Pupils will

• Have their needs investigated and understood.
• Be made aware of support and plans in place for meeting their needs.
• Participate in identifying and meeting their own needs.
• Be fully included in the life of the school.

Parents will be

• Involved in the investigation of their child’s needs.
• Kept aware of support and plans in place to meet those needs.
• Given every opportunity to become actively involved in supporting their child and working with the school.
• Kept fully informed of their child’s progress.

Staff will

• Be made fully aware which pupils have additional learning needs and the nature of their needs.
• Be aware of and use strategies to help ALN pupils progress.
• Monitor and set targets for ALN pupils progress
• Be offered training and guidance to improve their awareness of and ability to support pupils with ALN.





Cymraeg English

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Latest News

Powys Route for 2018 Commonwealth Games Queen’s Baton Relay

The Queen’s Baton Relay will visit Powys this September during its 388-day journey through the Commonwealth. 

The Powys route is part of the 230,000 kilometer journey to the baton’s final destination - The Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in Australia in April 2018.

The baton will spend four days in Wales, making its way through Powys on September 7 as part of a journey through every nation and territory within the commonwealth in the build up to the opening ceremony. 

Deputy Leader and Cabinet Member for Communications Cllr Wynne Jones, said: “We are delighted to be welcoming the Queen’s Baton Relay to Powys once again. 

“As the baton travels through the county, it’s an opportunity to celebrate our rich heritage, culture, beautiful landscapes and the Welsh language on an international stage. 

“The Powys route will begin in Brecon, travel up to Rhayader for a public street event before stopping at Llanidloes high and primary schools and a private photo stop in Llandinam.

“It will then travel to the new Welsh-medium Ysgol Dafydd Llwyd in Newtown, before a final stop in the county at Welshpool.

“I hope having the Queen’s Baton in Powys will ignite pride in our county and Welsh athletes competing in the games. Plans are at an early stage but we look forward to putting on memorable activities to mark this exciting occasion.”

Chris Jenkins, Commonwealth Games Wales Chief Executive, said: “We’re extremely proud to announce this route. The Relay will give everyone a chance to be involved in an unforgettable experience.”

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