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Attendance Guidance

Regular attendance is vital and missing school can have a significant impact on achievement. All parents/carers have a legal responsibility to ensure their child attends school.

The Education (Penalty Notices) (Wales) Regulations 2013 introduced Fixed Penalty Notices for regular non-attendance at school.  
The Welsh Government has required all local authorities to draw up and implement their own Local Codes of Conduct to ensure consistency in the issuing of Fixed Penalty Notices. The code will be implemented in Powys from 27 February 2015.  
The Welsh Government states that Fixed Penalty Notices are one option among a number of different interventions available to promote better school attendance. The introduction of these regulations is one part of the Welsh Government strategy to support improved school attendance across Wales.
The introduction of these regulations mean that parents may now be financially penalised for their child(ren)’s regular non-attendance at school.
The local code of conduct, which explains how penalty notices will operate, is available on the Powys County Council website
What is good attendance?
95-100% attendance: Best chance of success. Your child is taking full advantage of every learning opportunity.
90-95% attendance: At least 2 weeks of learning missed. Satisfactory. Your child may have to spend time catching up with work.
85-90% attendance: At least 4 weeks of learning missed. Your child may be at risk of underachieving and may need extra support from you to catch up with work.
80-85% attendance: At least 5½  weeks of learning missed. Your child’s poor attendance has a significant impact on learning.
Below 80% attendance: At least 7½ weeks of learning missed. Your child is missing out on a broad and balanced education. You are at risk of prosecution.
Attendance is recorded for both the morning and afternoon sessions.  It is important for children to come to school on time.  Registration in the morning is between 8.55 and 9.15.  If your child comes to school late and after registration they must come to the main office to sign in.  If it is after 9.25 a.m. this is recorded as an unauthorised absence for the session.
If your child is going to be absent from school please phone the school as soon as possible giving the reason for the absence. Please do not allow your child to have time off for minor complaints or illnesses.  It is helpful if we know the expected length of time of the absence. If your child has any medical conditions that may affect his/her attendance it is important to let us know.   The school may ask for medical evidence if there is to be any long term absence. If you suspect that your child is not attending school because of anxiety, unhappiness or a recurring illness please contact the school. 
We will offer our assistance to encourage attendance.
Our Attendance Officer will contact Parents/Carers of any unexplained absences on the first morning.   Any unexplained absence will be recorded as unauthorised. If the absence is over 3 days the Attendance Officer will again contact Parent/Carers in order to establish the length and nature of the absence and to put procedures in place such as work home, or for a gradual return to school.   
Medical appointments should be arranged outside school hours.  If this is not possible your child should not be out of school for the whole day.
Most of our pupils use the bus to come to school. Please make sure your child is punctual for the bus. If they happen to miss their bus every effort should be made to arrange alternative travel arrangements so that the whole day is not missed.
Please be aware that holidays during term time will not be authorised. If a holiday during term time is unavoidable you must still let us know your child is going to be absent and for how long.
We will monitor absence and if it causes concern we will contact parents to discuss any issues.
In some cases where attendance doesn’t improve or where there are special reasons for the absence the Education Welfare Officer will become involved. Where attendance falls below an unacceptable level the case will be referred to the Local Authority where they have the right to take legal action.  Legal action can be taken when absences are recorded as unauthorised. It is therefore important to let us know why your child is absent form school. The school makes the decision to authorise absences. It is not acceptable for your child to be kept from school for minor reasons such as feeling tired, shopping, visiting shows, or helping on the farm. These will be recorded as unauthorised absences.   
Most of our Pupils have excellent attendance and we reward this with certificates and prizes. Having good attendance and being punctual to school are good habits to have for life after school and good references will improve employment prospects. By missing school your child is not only missing school work which they have to catch up with, but they are missing out on a social side of life that is equally as important.  
Please contact the school’s attendance officer if you have any concerns or queries. We are here to help.

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Latest News

Examination Results 2017

We are delighted and extremely proud that once again our students have achieved excellent exam results.

A Level: 100% of the year 13 cohort achieve the Level 3 threshold, which is the equivalent of 2 or more A*-E grades,  with 27% gaining 2 or more  A*- A,  94% achieved 2 or more A*-C grades (placing us top in Powys).  Worthy of particular note were 7 students who have 2 or more grade A*/A:  Ffion Williams with 4 A’s, Olivia Jones with 1A* and 3 A’s, Molly Hughes with A*, 2 A’s and B, Sioned Jones A*, 2A’s and C, Lauren Williams 2 A*, 1A, 1B, Amy Hill 2A’s, 1 Distinction*, 1C and William Richards with 2A’s, 2B’s.

There is no doubt that their hard work and dedication, together with the commitment of their teachers and parents who have supported them, has been justly rewarded with these outstanding results. 96% have been successful in gaining a place in their first choice university.

GCSE: We are proud to announce another set of excellent GCSE examination results at Llanidloes High School. Particularly pleasing was the 27.4% of pupils who achieved 5 or more A*-A grades which continues our improving trend from previous years.  English results, unlike the National picture, showed a significant improvement with 83.2% achieving A*- C  grades. 96% of the year group passed the newly graded Welsh Baccalaureate qualification.  76.8% gained level 2 and 67.4% the level 2 inclusive (at least 5 A*-C including English and Maths).

Congratulations go to the pupils who, supported by staff and parents, have put in tremendous effort to achieve results that they should be very proud of. I look forward to welcoming many back to our very successful sixth form, which achieved the best A*-C grades in Powys, and wish others every success in their future.  Thanks must go to the staff, parents, governors and the community who continue to support the school in continuing to provide excellent teaching and learning.

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