Estyn Reports

Highlights of the Estyn Reports

  • Most pupils have positive attitudes to learning and make effective progress in lessons. Attendance rates have improved year-on-year and are above those for pupils in other similar schools.
  • Most pupils behave very well in lessons and around the school. Most pupils are actively engaged in their work and show a willingness to participate in their learning. Most pupils are courteous and respectful to staff, peers and visitors to the school.
  • Many pupils feel that the school encourages them to do things for themselves and to take on responsibility. There is extensive pupil involvement in making decisions about issues that impact on their wellbeing.
  • Pupils contribute well to the community through fundraising events and school concerts. They are well prepared for life and work outside school.
  • The school provides valuable learning experiences for all pupils. It works effectively in partnership with a local further education college and other schools in the area to expand the subject choices available at key stage 4 and key stage 5. All pupils, including those with additional learning needs from the on-site specialist unit, have effective access to a full curriculum.
  • The school meets the linguistic needs of pupils and the community well and all pupils appropriately follow Welsh GCSE first language or second language full course to the end of key stage 4. The Welsh ethos of the school is promoted successfully through assemblies and a suitable range of extra-curricular activities.
  • There is effective support for all pupils having difficulty with their numeracy skills.
  • The school has a very caring and inclusive ethos and is an important part of a community that values diversity and challenges stereotypes. This is reflected well in the school’s motto of ‘Great Opportunities for All to Learn’ (GOFAL). The school ensures that all pupils have equal access to the opportunities available to them. The school provides a safe environment that promotes equality and respect well. Most pupils feel that staff treat them fairly and with respect.
  • The headteacher and senior leadership team have a clear vision for the future of the school and have established appropriate priorities for improvement.
  • Senior and middle leaders work well together to improve standards.
  • Governors act effectively in setting the school’s strategic direction and are valuable critical friends.
  • The school works well with a range of partners to maintain an appropriate curriculum and to ensure pupils’ wellbeing.

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