Grant Funding

2023-2024 PDG School Statement – FINAL

Pupil Development Grant Expenditure at Llanidloes High School

Learning Coach & Mentor

Our Learning Coach serves as a Family Support Co-ordinator. They also provide coaching and mentoring for pupils who access free school meals. This includes one-to-one mentoring, intervention to improve literacy and numeracy, and support focused on raising performance in controlled assessments at key stage 4. They are the direct link between school and home for attainment, attendance, participation and behaviour. They also deliver training to any Learning Support Assistants who aspire to become Learning Coaches and secure continuity of this vital provision.

Learning Coach and social inclusion

Where helpful, the Learning Coach provides nurture room support for vulnerable pupils during social interaction time – before school, break and lunchtimes. They also help them develop socially, if a pupil finds this area of life challenging. This is achieved through group work focused on implementing ‘Talkabout’ strategies.

Transport Costs

Due to the rural nature of the school, around 70% of pupils use the school bus service. Additional transport is needed to take pupils home following after school study sessions.

Extra support

Disadvantaged pupils also benefit from financial support to hire Year 11 prom gowns and black tie dinner suits. This enables them to access our greatly anticipated, celebratory event that rewards learners for their attendance, behaviour, motivation and work ethos.

Reward brunches are culinary rewards for high attendance, strong achievement, high levels of participation and exceptionally good behaviour.

Extra-curricular activities and clubs are funded by the school wherever needed, including trips, 5×60, rugby coaching and Duke of Edinburgh. This helps us ensure that pupils accessing free school meals are not excluded from memorable activities that effectively promote their health, resilience, cultural awareness and teamwork.