We have an exceptionally wide range of extra-curricular activities.  All the main team games are offered and pupils successfully compete at county and international levels.  We have a wealth of musical and theatrical talent.  Local clergy regularly join us to help our children explore some of the most fascinating ultimate questions of life.  Our Art and Design & Technology areas showcase students’ work both within school and in local exhibitions.

The Duke of Edinburgh scheme is well established and popular at all levels with expeditions for Bronze, Silver and Gold becoming regular features of the school calendar.  Many clubs and societies are available to pupils, both during and after school, and new staff are encouraged to contribute to this vital aspect of school life.  The school celebrates achievements of the pupils in an annual presentation evening.  A number of visits abroad take place each year including skiing and trips across Europe.

5 x 60 Club

WHAT IS 5×60?

The 5×60 Project is a Sport Wales initiative and was launched in Llanidloes High School in September 2007 in response to challenges set by the Welsh Assembly Government. Its aim is to increase the number of secondary pupils taking part in extra curricular sport.


The role of the 5 x 60 officer is to consult with the pupils, listen to their needs and identify the barriers which prevent them from participating in physical activity.  Following this, they timetable a programme of extra-curricular activities that suit the pupils’ needs.  These activities target the individuals who do not currently participate in any physical activity, or who are in danger of losing interest, and will compromise of traditional activities such as football and hockey, to recreational activities such as dance, aerobics and outdoor activities such as orienteering, kayaking and mountain biking.



Information about the 5×60 timetable can be found in the windows of the school gym and on the television screens dotted around school – this changes each term. An up-to-date timetable can also be found on the school website. If you have any suggestions for activities that you would like to see, please let Kate know.


The 5×60 project is heavily reliant on volunteers – roles include taking registers, organising festivals or tournaments, refereeing matches and leading sessions. Incentives are offered to those who contribute a number of hours to the project; from t-shirts and hoodies to extra training and qualifications, the possibilities are endless! For more information, please contact Katie Hamer-Grew through the school.

Extracurricular Activities

Smile Club – With the 6th Form see Mrs Jerman for details.
Art Club – Art Room Tuesday lunchtime KS3, Wednesday lunchtime GCSE. Miss Smith
ICT Club – Every day IT2 break and lunch – homework/schoolwork/research a priority. Mr Gibson.
Public Speaking and Debate Club – E2 – See Miss Williams for details
STEM – Wednesday lunchtime in SC4 or T4. Mr Ealey-Fitzgerald & Mr Thomas
Pantomime/Drama Club – see Mr Radbourne for details
Learning Coach Sessions – Monday to Wednesday 3.45pm-4.45pm in T3. Mrs Thomas-Young.
Alpha Club – Monday and Wednesday lunchtimes C1. Miss Crawford.
Warhammer Club – Monday lunchtimes and Monday after school in H1. Mr Radbourne
Coding Club – Thursday 1.25pm – 2pm in T2. Mr Craig
Ski Trip – Year 9s during February . Mr J Jones.
Duke of Edinburgh – Years 9-13 from June through to September. Mr J Jones. Mr A Morel.
Battlefield Tour – Years 10-13 during July. Mr J Jones.
Geography Italy/Iceland Trip – GCSE and A Level students during October Half Term. Mr R Williams
French Exchange – Year 8 and 9 during summer Half Term. Mme Rocher-Jones.
Aberystwyth University Trip – 6th Form during June/July. Mrs Jerman.
Castle Trip – Year 7 during July. Mr Morel.
URDD – Speak to Miss Clay
Choir – Speak to Miss Crawford.
Clwb Cymraeg – Lunchtimes 1.30-2.30 – C3
Classical Civilisation GCSE – Monday lunchtime – T2 – Mr Craig

Learning Coach

If you require help with homework tasks. Learning coach sessions will be happening in IT1 between 1.20pm and 2pm
No food or drink will be allowed.
Early lunch pass can be arranged, please contact Mrs Thomas-Young