SMILE Club (peer support)

SMILE Club (Something to Make It a Little Easier) was started over 10 years ago when a Sixth Former was helping a younger pupil on her bus who was struggling with some friendship issues. We realised that several pupils would benefit from being able to talk to Sixth Formers about issues they may not want to discuss with their friends or teachers.

Sixth Formers came up with the name and Mrs Jerman, as Head of Sixth Form, was trained by ChildLine to train Sixth Formers as peer mentors. Each year she trains Sixth Formers so that they have strategies to help with the various problems younger pupils might encounter.  They also learn when and to whom to ‘pass on’ matters that are more serious.

Sixth Formers volunteer one lunchtime a week so that younger pupils can come along and just play games and make friends, or turn to them for guidance and advice.