Sport / Fixtures

The school’s sporting aims are to encourage everybody to participate in sporting activities and to achieve their own potential and ability. All pupils are expected to participate in Physical Education lessons and where pupils excel in a particular sport the school will actively encourage their development and provide opportunities for them.

The school operates a policy of equal opportunities when it comes to selecting pupils to represent the school based on fitness, form, attitude and ability. The full range of team games are available through in-house matches and inter-school and county competitions. 

The on-campus sports centre provides swimming facilities and squash courts plus an indoor area.  Outside, extensive sports areas include an all-weather pitch, tennis and netball courts. 

Pupils participate in county and national athletics, gymnastics, hockey, cross-country, swimming, rugby, soccer, netball and basketball trials and meetings. The school has its own 5 x 60 officer whose role is to develop sporting extra-curricular provision and participation for our pupils. Some of the activities offered as part of this scheme include Archery, Dodge ball and Street Dance.