Newtown bus

As one of the highest performing, happiest and most disciplined secondary schools in Wales, there is a high level of demand for places at Llanidloes High School.

We are pleased to say that in response to this parental demand, we provide out-of-catchment transport from the Newtown area. The cost of this transport is fully paid for by the families of pupils using this bus. The school does not make any profit from this transport.

At present, we are pleased to say that, due to the high pupil numbers on the bus, the annual cost of this transport has fallen approximately £700 per year. This is approximately £17.50 per week during term time. However, please be aware that this bus is nearly full.



To qualify for free secondary school transport, your child must live 3 or more miles from the nearest school, measured by the shortest walking distance. Transport is only provided to the school that normally takes pupils from the area where they live.

Linking transport is only provided for secondary school pupils who qualify for free transport and who live at least 2 miles from a main school transport route.

You should return your application forms at the same time as the Secondary School Admission Form.