Absence Management Policy 2022 LSF

ALN Policy 2024 LSF

Admissions policy 2023 LSF

Assessment Policy V5 2023 YUL

Attendance Policy 2024 LSF

Anti-Bullying Policy 2023 YUL

Behaviour Policy 2023 YUL

Bereavement in Schools Policy 2023 LSF

Capability Procedure 2021 LSF

CCTV Policy 2023 LSF

Charging and Remissions 2022 LSF

Complaints Policy and Procedure 2024 LSF

Curriculum Summary – Llanidloes High School V2

Data Protection Policy 2024 LSF

Disciplinary Procedure, Staff 2024 LSF

e-Safety 2023 YUL

Educational Visits Policy 2023 LHS pdf

Flexible Working Policy 2023 LSF

Freedom of Information Policy 2024 LSF

Freedom of Information Publication Scheme 2024 LSF

Governors’ Allowances 2024 LSF

Grievance Policy 2024 LSF

Health and Safety Policy 2023 YUL

Healthcare Needs Policy 2022 LSF

Intimate Care Policy 2023 LSF

Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing 2022 LSF

Performance Capability Procedure 2023 LSF

Performance Management Policy 2023 LSF

Positive Handling Policy 2023 LSF

Procedure for Bringing Animals into School 2021 LSF

Redeployment for Teachers Policy, LSF 2024

Redundancy Policy 2023 (all staff)

Re-employment of Former Employees Policy, LSF 2024

RSE Policy YUL

Safeguarding Policy 2023 LSF NEW

School Target Setting Regulations

Session Times Policy 2023 LSF

Social Media Policy for Staff 2023 LSF

Special Leave Policy 2023 LSF

Staff Code of Conduct 2023 LSF

Staff Disciplinary Procedure, 2021 LSF

Strategic Equality Plan 2022-2025 (2023) LSF

Supporting Working Parents Policy 2024 LSF

Transition Plan for Llanidloes Cluster 2023-24

Teachers’ Pay Policy 2022 – 2023 LSF

Uniform Policy 2022 LSF

Vexatious Complaints Policy 2024 LSF

Volunteering in Schools Policy 2023 LSF